Breast Cancer

Getting research that focuses on eradication of the disease is troubled because of the paradigm of funding.

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Over the Counter Antacids

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It’s a familiar scene for most Americans. Maybe you have some added stress in your life, maybe some days you drink way too much coffee to get yourself going in the morning … and after lunch. Perhaps you overdid the spice on your burrito.

Something has set off your reflux acid stomach.

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How does this work?

I hear a lot of this..."now how does this work? what is it that you are doing?" First, let wikipedia give you a brief overview of what direct primary care…

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Spring Cleaning webinar

This link is to a panel presentation sponsored by a nutriceutical company -whose products I have used and do find to be well formulated and effective. I can't advocate for…

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Reiki attunements April 17th

*This post is not part of the previously mentioned series on detox, but it is related. Going through the process of Spring Cleaning as well as my own personal grief…

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January 2011 Special offer

The start of a new year is a great time to get started on a new health and wellness plan. Brush the traces of 2010 out with a personalized detox…

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Health Policy in Oregon -Doing Better

People want resources to care when they are sick besides the emergency room. People want access to their own medical information. People want early intervention available from a doctor who knows them. People want all members of society to be valued to receive care.

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