Integrative primary health care

Dr. Malus offers complete support and education for transforming your health. We focus on removing the root cause of disease. Our programs improve health through gently removing barriers and promoting healing.

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Dr. Malus provides annual check-ups and screening exams in addition to holistic wellness practices such as detoxification and cleansing regiments, diet assessment, hydrotherapy and more.

Dr. Malus

Dr. Malus chose to study naturopathic medicine after years of seeing the standard Western model of healthcare stop short of helping the people who needed it most.

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Dr. Malus literally brought me back from the brink of death and helped me establish a sense of wellness, remedy my symptoms, and helped me create a long term plan to maintain my health to avoid future episodes of chronic illness. I highly recommend Dr. Malus' services, indeed, I won't see anyone else. -AH