My work in health care began right after high school when I realized that medicine was more than just a job for me — it was a passion and a calling. I began working in the hospital system and taking my undergraduate pre-medical courses. I was on a temporary assignment to the mother-baby unit of the hospital when I met a nurse who was just finishing naturopathic school.    She introduced me to an N.D. who soon became the midwife for the birth of my son. Through the process of my son’s birth, my beliefs about medicine transformed even more radically and I began to see the beauty of a holistic system of medicine.

Through my spiritual practices, and my social, political and environmental activism, naturopathic medicine has become a joyful unifying force for my beliefs about healing. The focus of my work is to empower people to heal and bring balance into their own lives.

The goals of my medical practice are to: 

  • Practice medicine in a way that empowers my community.
  • Be committed to teaching people simple and sustainable skills to maintain their own best health.
  • Approach my patients with knowledge and compassion and teach by example.
  • Fastidiously analyze my own practices to perfect my art and present evidence-based clinical care to my patients.
  • Seek to teach the public through speaking about scientific findings in lay language that will be useful for people.



Aponi has been passionate about health and fitness nearly her entire life. She was raised by health conscious parents that instilled in her from a young age the importance of nutrition and exercise. They believed in holistic healing and how important the balance of mind, body and spirit are to overall health. Aponi has dedicated her life to learning, teaching and training people to become stronger from the inside out and believes in enabling her clients to create their own strengths. She is a Certified NSCA and NASM Personal Trainer as well as a CrossFit and Olympic Weight Training Instructor.  Her goal is to help her clients break down any fears or stigma about exercise and build a foundation on which they have the knowledge and self-motivation to live a healthy and active lifestyle on their own.

Aponi loves to spend time outdoors and loves to hike, climb, mountain bike, snowboard and trail run. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two dogs. She loves animals and volunteers as a foster parent with an animal rescue organization based in Utah.


“Dr. Malus has been a friend, confidant and personal adviser for over a decade in my life. Amongst many attributes his strong constitution and appeal to reason stand out. One of my first experiences with this was his assistance with a traumatic 3rd degree burn I endured. A rapid response, with a collected focus on treatment, expedited my healing time and allayed any and all complications. I am ever grateful to have him as my Doctor.” -WW

“After suffering a massive health crisis as the result of several years of a high-stress, high-demand lifestyle, I sought traditional care from an M.D. The treatment provided by my M.D. actually made my symptoms worse and offered no recognition or treatment of the roots of the illness itself. I realized that my life depended on resolving the illness and sought out the care of Dr. Malus who immediately worked up a comprehensive, long-term health care plan that involved all facets of my lifestyle and health care that paid incredible attention to all facets of my health and wellbeing, physical and emotional. Dr. Malus literally brought me back from the brink of death and helped me establish a sense of wellness, remedy my symptoms, and helped me create a long term plan to maintain my health to avoid future episodes of chronic illness. I highly recommend Dr. Malus’ services, indeed, I won’t see anyone else.” -LA

“Dr. Malus has always been able to clearly explain to me complicated medical and biologic processes to help me better understand what’s going on in my body. His patient explanations in layman’s terms have helped ease my mind when faced with potentially stressful personal health conditions.” -SE