• Reiki attunements April 17th

    *This post is not part of the previously mentioned series on detox, but it is related.

    Going through the process of Spring Cleaning as well as my own personal grief process after the death of my grandmother, has stirred something up for me. I have become inspired to include an energetic aspect to my detox program this season for anyone who is interested.

    On April 17th. The full moon following Spring Equinox (and by coincidence Palm Sunday), I will be offering Reiki I attunements for the first 10 people to sign up on a donation basis.

    Reiki is something that has guided and assisted me in my personal and spiritual development for 20 years. I was first given the Reiki I attunements at age 18, and I was trained as a Reiki teacher/master in the Usui tradition ~10 years ago. I find this energetic healing technique to be profoundly calming, healing and focusing of the life force energy to creating shifts on a deep level.

    Contact me with questions or to sign up.

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