Membership plans

To see if you qualify for membership please call 435-503-8937 or email

Platinum Level 150$/month (1650$/year paid in full) -priceless

Two home visits annually
Unlimited email questions/skype appointments
20% all supplements and services
25% off workshops, retreats and groups/classes online

Gold Level 100$/month (1090$/year paid in full) (1450$+value) *


Two in-office visits annually (550$ value)
Five phone or skype visits annually (300$ value)
Twenty personal email questions (answered within 24 hours) (600$ value)
20% off all supplements purchased in office or from online “fullscript” store. **
10% off all hydrotherapy, prolozone, IV and IM injections

Silver Level 60$/month (660$/year paid in full) (1100$+value) *


Two in-office visits annually (550$ value)
Three phone or skype visits annually (180$ value)
Twelve personal email questions annually ($360 value)
5% off all supplements -purchased in office or from online “fullscript” store.
5% off all Hydrotherapy sessions

Initiation Fee of 99$ for existing patients. 399$ for new patients.

Payment can be made in full or as additional monthly fee.

For an extra 450$ patients receive an individualized prevention-focused Life Wellness Plan that includes:

  • Genomic analysis -cutting edge personalized screening for genetic markers related to health risks as well as recommendations on your personal best diet, supplements and exercise programs.
  • Detoxification and cleansing regiments
  • Comprehensive Diet assessment
  • Personal Medicinal herbal recommendations (tea, tinctures)
  • Homeopathic Constitutional Remedy
  • Discounted Hydrotherapy sessions.

Other services provided:

  • IV therapy, IM vitamin injections
  • Prolozone injections for chronic pain, tissue damage, scar therapy, joint degeneration.
  • Allergy testing and antigen treatment
  • Headache treatments
  • STD testing
  • Western medicine prescriptions as needed, including hormones and birth control
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy, lymphatic drainage and soft tissue trigger point work

*Memberships will be limited to #20 silver level, #10 Gold level, #10 Platinum level in order to ensure accessibility and quality as the standard.

**Some online store supplements are not eligible for any discount due to limits set by manufacturer.